How to improve insulin sensitivity

How to improve insulin sensitivity

What is insulin sensitivity?

Insulin sensitivity is your body’s ability to store the carbs you eat as muscle glycogen instead of as fat. As we get older and the more we eat, the more your body’s ability to properly perform this function deteriorates. The best way to think of it your insulin is a button we press when we eat carbohydrates. We as americans have a tendency to eat too many carbs too often. Which alters our body to respond to the ingestion of carbohydrates by wearing out the insulin button.

The end result of eating to many processed foods high in carbohydrates in less insulin produced and therefore more of the carbohydrates getting stored as fat.

In case your not motivated to improve it here is a list of side effects of poor insulin sensitivity according to world class trainer Charles Poliquin:

  • Reduces athletic performance
  • Inhibits sleep and makes you tired
  • Slows muscle recovery
  • Leads to diabetes if you don’t fix it
  • Increases risk of heart disease



#1: Do strength training and other anaerobic activities

#2: Endurance exercise works too!

#3: Eat insulin sensitivity improving foods

 here are some examples of the foods;

Acids like vinegar, lemon, lime, balsamic

Spices like turmeric, cinnamon

Green tea with meals


#4: Get enough Magnesium

Magnesium is great for sleep! Take 300-400mg a day and it has been proven in studies to increase insulin response.

If you want to try improve your performance and physique taking a deliberate approach to optimizing your insulin response will go a long way!

#5: Avoid hydrogenated oils like the plague

This is usually in baked and processed foods. Check the labels.

#6: Eliminate liquid fructose

fructose causes metabolic problems, interferes with insulin signaling and can be stored as fat.

Improving your insulin sensitivity will be one of the biggest things you can do for long term health and physique!