Day 2 Neera Cleanse: Sleep is all I want

It’s Day 2… Calories are distant memory in which I cherish. Honestly it hasn’t been as awful as I anticipated. The tea seems to give enough of a boost to last a couple hours, along the with ghee butter. There are times when energy is struggling, and focusing is difficult. The mid morning is when the hunger is the worst and then after my first tea around 9:00 it’s not overly intense. The cravings for food aren’t for sweets for me but more of the fatty proteins like bison burgers and and pork mojo from my Perfect Fuel Meals.


Last nights sleep was very deep full of vivid dreams. Passed out at 8:45 pm and didn’t wake until my alarm at 5:30, felt better not nearly as drained as the night before. All I want is sleep and lay to down while working at the gym. Have been peeing a lot but have not had a poop today. All participants have noted feeling leaner or weighing lighter. Which isn’t suprising considering we are starving ourselves. Will update tomorrow! Thanks for reading.