About The Crossfit Squad

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Derek at GamesDerek Bishop, Co-Owner & Head Coach

Was raised in Bradenton , FL were Derek was two time All-state football Player and 4 year state qualifier for weightlifting at Bayshore High School. Played football on scholarship at 1- AA Liberty University under Danny Rocco and trained under Master Strength Coach Bill Gillespie. Started at Liberty University playing fullback 2008-2009 and graduated with a Degree in Economics in 2010. Derek is our resident power house, currently boasting a 285# snatch, 350# clean & Jerk and a 490# back squat, and a 600# Deadlift!

Derek is certified CrossFit Trainer, has completed the CrossFit Anatomy course, as well as OPEX ‘Assessment and Program Design’, and is a certified Level 1 FMS (Functional Movement Screening),a respected certificate in the prehab/rehab community identifying mobility and stability issues to better prescribe workout prescriptions to improve movement quality.

Derek has competed in numerous competitions including 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017  Regionals, and most recently, the 2016 CrossFit Games as Captain of The CrossFit Squad Team!

Phone: 941-962-5288

Emial: derek@thecrossfitsquad.com