Thursday 6/22/2017

Thursday 6/22/2017

Team train 070916






Stretch: Game- Pass the pole or slap the abmat

Warm up: PVC routine, leg swings 8 each direction, bretzel stretch 8 deep breathes each side, twisted lizard pose (1:00) each leg
A) 2 person teams: Break as needed
50 burpees over partner in plank

200ft walking lunge w/ KB on goblet hold (53/35) w/ partner in squat hold on wall at parrallel
10 wall climbs with partner in deadhang from the bar
100 wall balls with partner performing singles on jump rope (yes everyone it is the required movement, no dubs)
50 CAL ROW with partner in plank

Extra credit: 3 rounds not for time; 30ft HS walk + 200m run + 200m ski erg