Once we moved here in Florida, we thought it would be a great time to start back on doing some physical activities i.e. running, biking and paddle boarding. But we were not getting any results that we wanted. Then around December 2013 Claire saw an Ad on Facebook about the Crossfit Squad. Of course we looked on you tube what Crossfit is and got intimidated right away. One Sunday in January we decided to drop by, see what it is like and of course got scared immediately seeing people lifting heavy bars. But we were so determined to change our lifestyle, that we signed up for the on ramp class.At first we were just going once or twice a week, up until we signed up for the Paleo Challenge. That's when it really changed our perspective in what we eat and how we work out. We've been with the Squad for almost 2 years now and love every minute of it. Not only we really got into fitness but the best part is the community. We've met a whole lot of great people and became friends. I especially love the whole Olympic weight lifting part and even went in compete for the first time. Thrusters and burpees are not my favorite movement. We love the coaches at the Squad, they made sure that we are doing the movements correctly for us to be safe, pushes and motivates us to do better.
My name is Claire Ilog. I came from the Philippines and migrated in the U.S. 2003 for work. I am a Medical Technologist by profession. I was always heavy as a child, and growing up, I was always struggling losing weight. Tried a lot of diets and nothing seem to last. I found Crossfit 2013 with my husband Kris and it totally changed our perspective in life. I would say it is not easy in the beginning! But you have to look on your priorities and think of your 'WHYS' in life. We have committed ourselves to changed our lifestyle and looked beyond our future. Health is indeed our wealth! We cannot really enjoy life if we are not healthy.Having work in Blood Bank and seeing open heart surgeries in the young 30's, I am 100% sure that I am doing the right thing for myself. Now, I feel more happier with my body and really getting stronger everyday. Thank you Crossfit Squad!!!
Adam Simpson
I have managed in the last year and a half to lose over 40 pounds of fat, gain more than 20 pounds of muscle, lower my blood pressure, improve my performance, bring ALL of my personal health screening metrics into the GREEN and sleep better than I have ever slept before. My new 1 Rep Max Power clean is 260 by the way! (I love it!) I have more energy when I play with my kids, I can keep up with my wife during our weekend jogs now (she’s a runner and she’s really fast!), and when we vacation I get to enjoy more activities with my family. It’s all of those aspects that have kept me coming back to the Crossfit Squad for more and I don’t see an end in sight. Big Thanks to Derek Bishop and Mike P. for keeping each class fun and challenging, and also making every member feel like they are part of a family.