Powerlifting Seminar with Coach Brian and Derek

Powerlifting Seminar with Coach Brian and Derek

When: January 28th 10:00-12:30 am

Where: The Crossfit Squad

Who: Coach Brian and Derek

How much: 40$

Content will be going over the 3 main lifts of the sport of powerlifting; bench press, Backsquat and deadlift. The coaches will discuss a difference between technique used during a powerlifting competition and a crossfit class. Also we will discuss accessory movements that can help improve strength for each of the movements. All attendees will then perform lifts building to a 1 rep max for each of the lifts. It will a info packed fun filled day! Hope to see you there.

To sign up we will put a sheet up at the front desk and will take cash or payment via card. We will need a 5 participant minimum.



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