When Clients want more specific and targeted training,
Personal Training is the best option.
Training Sessions

One on One

Through testing and assessment it allows our world class coaches and trainers to customize a program specifically to that person’s needs and desires.

With our personal training packages clients will get:

  • Nutrition guidance and body metric tracking!
  • Workouts geared towards moving and feel better!
  • A program that will make anyone leaner and look good!
  • Fun interaction with a specific customization for each clients needs

Small Groups

Small group sessions Available as well for more affordable personal training

  • Groups of 3-4 to allow customization for clients
  • Fun group setting with friends or family
  • Great results oriented training geared towards each client’s needs and goals

We currently have 3 Highly trained Coached ready to help you!

ID Training

Full ID

This is for the athlete that either does not care for the group environment, or is looking to be competitive in the sport. After full evaluation, your coach will design a program specifically tailored to you and your goals. Be prepared to attack weaknesses as well as exploit strengths. Most high level competitive athletes in CrossFit or Olympic Lifting, have coaches that program for them specifically. You are here because you have acquired the skill level to do some training on your own with some guidance, over and above the class WODs. You will be doing considerable extra work depending on the goals discussed with your coach. Your coaches goal is to get you to achieve yours!Details:

  • Two 1 hour sessions with your coach to go through a comprehensive assessment and testing.
  • This testing includes
  • Programming overview & scheduling
  • Movement Screening
  • Work Capacity.

Hybrid ID

You will still get to participate in the class WODs a few times a week, with personalized programming to supplement and help you reach your goals for the other 2 days and you will be delivered 8 programs for the month, to be executed within that time frame.Details:One 30 Minute goal setting/ consultation. This meeting may include / is not limited to the following topics:

  • Identification of specific health and fitness goals / writing up a realistic and achievable game plan
  • Address any Nutrition / Body Composition Testing issues pertinent to goals
  • Assess any physical limitations / injuries via movement screen as needed – pertinent to goals
  • Discussion of training template, how and when to train, how to log and provide accurate and appropriate feedback for Coach
  • Set follow up meeting

Once you have completed your initial consultation, you are ready to get started! You still get to attend your daily Group CF Classes. Based on your individual assessment with your ID Coach, you will be provided a supplementary program to be executed on your own at our facility 2 times a week. Sometimes you will do this work pre or post class, sometimes you will forfeit the group class and do this work on your own. Your coach will prescribe your maximum workload, as well as suggested work and rest days. You will be responsible for executing your additional work, logging your progress, and submitting your activity logs to your Coach. Your HYBRiD program consists of 8 Supplementary workouts which MUST be completed within one billing cycle.Any way you go from here will be FORWARD! Should you decide to apply what you’ve learned / achieved and go back to Group Classes only, then that’s great! Should you decide you love the progress you are seeing in your part time program and want more – then you can move into a Full Time iD Program! We hope within this training you will not only see phenomenal results, but be inspired to continue setting personal health and fitness goals!

Contact Derek Bishop (Co-owner) 941-962-5288 Derek@thecrossfitsquad.com