Open Season is here!

Open Season is here!

Hello Squad members!!

The Open season is upon us and is an exciting time to prepare ourselves for the 5 week annual test of progress given to us by Crossfit Headquarters. This year the open will be from Feb 22nd – March 26th. As we do every year we will have our Friday Lights community events those 5 weeks from 6:00-8:00pm. We prepare all year for open by performing constantly varied, functional movements at high intensities all year long. But as a gym we will be building a specific plan for preparing for the Open starting Jan 2nd – Feb 21st.

There will be extra work written up on the daily WOD written as EXTRA CREDIT. Depending on the day it will change. The extra credit will rotate between extra lifting, gymnastics and Metabolic conditioning. With the classes being only one hour we will focus on GPP (General Physical Preparedness) and instructing, the extra work will allow the those concerned with the open to get in a little extra something (mostly skills) to prepare.

There will be two divisions Rx and scaled. If you cannot perform Muscle ups, Handstand push ups, Squat snatch, and Squat cleans under fatigue at heavy loads, you will probably end up in the Scaled division WHICH IS 100% OK!! The purpose of our pursuit is to be the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be. BUT let’s work together with team work to take steps in the right direction. The coaches are all here to help you.

During this time Please use the SugarWOD APP to track your results as this will help track results, and help build community.

If you want more specific Help Derek has 3 days of specific programming available for 75$ or ID programming for a full 5 days of programming for 125$. See Derek for details.

SQUAD UP!!!!class_hand-stand-hold