Friday 6/23/2017

Friday 6/23/2017

Stretch: twisted cross pose, thread the needle pose, half kneeling hamstring reach, pancake straddle pull – 90 sec each

Warm up: 10 banded side steps each direction + 10 red band OHS + 1:00 90/90 wall push drill + 10 cossack lunges

A) 10:00 Build to a max snatch; Power or squat
** under 6 months of crossfit will do 5 sets of 3 hang power snatch, rets 90 sec

B) Build to a max Back squat – looking for an olympic style high bar squat, with closer grip

C) 10:00 row or bike cool down:  flush out, do not stop for the 10:00 period.vince-heavy-bag-clean