Neera Cleanse Day 3: Feeling Better

So to start off this Neera Cleanse for my purpose anyway, wasn’t necessarily to weight loss. I would be lying to say since I am a Heavier crossfitter that losing a little weight isn’t attractive, but it is not the motivating factor for this very challenging 5 days. Again the 2 main benefits is resting the digestive system and improving insulin sensitivity (bodies response to carbohydrates).  But My Fiance Glenna Has lost 7lbs in the first two days, and will probably never eat again if I had to guess.

Day 3 the hunger in the morning isn’t nearly as intense and seems to be the same for Emrah, Alex and Glenna. Energy seems much better today for sure. The affect I feel the most is no inflammation anywhere in my body and overall I feel very limber. We have all obviously noticed that we look leaner. My thoughts today seem very clear and focused, the past two days were very cloudy and very hard to focus. I had a little black coffee at 5:30 upon waking but not my usual 5 hour energy. Sleep last night was not quite as smooth as the night before but felt fairly rested upon waking. on Friday we will post before and after pictures and get wrap ups from everyone involved.

And yes as expected Savannah has caved, and is now eating at will.